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Car rentals from our Greek partner. Online bookings, also for pickup in Agios Nikolaos, Kardamyli or Stoupa.


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Beautiful holiday home, traditional and very cozy. for up to 6 people. About 15 minutes walk to Kalogria.

Holiday Home

Pets Allowed!
Old stone house, traditional and cozy, max. 6 people. Ideal with children. About 20 minutes walk to the village beach.


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Kardamyli Webcam

Overlooking Kardamyli's old fishing harbor.

Camera currently offline: The frog in the menu shows the online status. Click here for alternatives...

Online and live since May 2011.
The past 24 hours in the archive.
Nothing pixelated here :-)

Camera hosted with the friendly support of Amoni holiday houses.

The camera is looking in direction northwest over the old fishing harbour in Kardamyli at the Messenian gulf. A typical maniotic tower house can be seen on the left side of the image.
 Depending on the number of concurrent observers, the image refreshes at most every two seconds - unfortunately it does not get any faster...