Why the frog?

oogle complained!

In fact, legitimately mocked that our pages are difficult to use on mobile devices. All right then. Of course that doesn't work.
The main page was quickly given an additional mobile design, then the entire webcam section was dressed with a modern look.

The frog is easily explained by the way the live images come across...

Also, frogs tend to appear and disappear suddenly – perhaps because of the weather.


I have to place. That helps finance the webcams - and motivates me.
And I am therefore happy if you diligently visit the -advertising partners, book a rental car here or a holiday home there, or offer me spontaniously an orange juice.
You think you should tell me something about that? I'm sitting here at one end and I'm happy when something comes back from the other end.

I love PHP

I started off doing websites pretty soon. Early 90's. All DIY. Internet was my possibility to reach the world and was in many ways very helpful. After my first steps in html (hypertext markup language - the basics behind the curtains of a web page) I stumbled across css (cascading style sheets) and I understood the advantages of separating content from style.
And then it got dynamic! PHP (~ Hypertext Preprocessor). This is a program running on internet servers. Combined with a database it manages 1001 imaginable requests by a user. Interacting with a website PHP serves a dynamically created website according to the user's and/or programmer's request plus the data available in a database. (I'll get blamed for this short definition - I'm sure...)
However, in my case, learning to use PHP, it allowed me to install an image gallery, a forum and similar server side software based on PHP plus mySQL (Database. Structured Query Language) but also to create own things:

And now a little self-adulation

On here, which is my latest piece of Art
(And Yes! I call it so.)

  • HTML really only carries the content and provides a modular skeleton for sections of the site reused on many pages (ex. Menu)
  • CSS is looking after the responsive style for all screen types
  • PHP manages for example the webcam galleries (and, what a miracle, has always the date right)
    • PHP checks the online status of the cams (*#$§ing slows down the initial loading time of the pages but the benefit is worth it)
    • PHP is looking how many people are surfing around here right now (   3 in 5min )

Over the years, HTML + CSS + PHP + some JS (JavaScript) got like a bundle for me. HTML as the base, CSS for the style and PHP (JS) to do what we want. Also I understood in the meanwhile what is needed for a clever search engine optimisation (SEO).
Maybe you gonna laugh at me but I want to mention this quite unique automatic gallery styling (based on DSG²) and last but not least my beloved   (pure css font animation).
I'm not a gamer, but I love the adventure of programming (telling computers what to do).
If you think I could be of some help regarding your computer project, let me know - definitely.

 The latest croak was heard here on Saturday, 9th April 2022